Bounir is a Scandinavian based brand founded in Tribeca, New York City in late 2019 by Isolina Fedel. We are on a mission to disrupt the world of minimalistic and functional vegan accessories. Our goal is simple: to simplify your everyday life with products that last. By offering adhesive products and a wide spectrum of colors, you can create your own preferred combinations — from only a few products. This, aligned with our sustainable thinking, is how we can proudly contribute to slow fashion together.


Every product is thoughtfully designed by the principles of minimalism, functionality, and consciousness, approved and certified by the world’s biggest animal organisation PETA. The products are designed for you who are always on the go, whether to the cinema, the French riviera, 
a hike in the Nordic mountains or a meeting — we’ve got you covered.

All our packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable. 
We have eliminated plastic in all our packaging since it doesn’t serve any purpose (did you know it takes 100 years for Mother Nature to process a plastic bag?) Our dust bags are made out of raw organic cotton, which means it's not colored and contains no unnecessary chemicals.


Bounir is a way of living. If we were to close our eyes and describe that person living their best life, you will find us in the heart of Tribeca in New York City surrounded by honking cars and sirens.

We just woke up and are headed to the kitchen to make one of those healthy (and instagram-approved, don’t forget) green juices. Work is located in the heart of SoHo and we get there by grabbing a City bike (or waving for a yellow cab when in a hurry). When we work out, we prefer going to the gym every now and then, but we do not forget about yoga to stretch our bodies as well (we spend a lot of time in front of the screen). We love cooking healthy food, but since we have limited time, we often order takeaway or meet friends or/and family for dinner (the Italian way: with a glass of wine, or two). Rest is as important as great food, since this is key to staying productive and alert. Whenever we go to sleep, we make sure to slip into organic cotton sheets that are smooth and kind to our bodies and nature. Just like our dust bags you receive with every order when ordering online at Bounir.

So now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and manifest. Welcome to the world of Bounir.

Bounir Samsung Phone Case Sand Beige, Tangerine