Bounir is a Scandinavian brand that was founded in New York City by Isolina Fedel in late 2017. Growing up with an artistic mind, Isolina quickly discovered her passion for creating. At the age of 24, she moved to the city to study at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. During a hectic discussion about sustainability and fast fashion in one of her classes, she came up with the idea for Bounir. Bounir became her final project at Parsons School of Design and shortly after graduating, she launched the brand in August 2019.

Bounir’s cases and pockets are designed in our Tribeca and Stockholm ateliers and then manufactured by hand out of vegan grained and saffiano leather. The products are inspired by minimalistic Scandinavian design and different sequences from Isolina's life. With a wide range of colors to select from, you are free to wear the case plain or add one of our two adhesive pockets; Fjord or Scallop.


“We do not tell our consumers how their case should look. We provide them with the tools to create and interact with the product in a different way. By offering adhesive products and a wide spectrum of colors, you can create your own preferred combinations - from only a few products. This, alined with our sustainable thinking, is how we proudly contribute to slow fashion” - Isolina Fedel


Fjord was inspired by the Norwegian fjords and the breathtaking costal landscape. Isolina wanted to capture the shapes of the mountains when entering the fjords to highlight how powerful and simple, yet beautiful, nature is.

Scallop was inspired by Isolina's childhood memories of visiting her grandparents in the northeast part of Italy, close to Venice. During her early years, they used to take trips to the local beach where they would walk along the shore for hours, collecting scallops. As a kid, she was fascinated by their shape and often collected the shells and placed them in a line -- just like the shape found at the top of the Scallop pocket.


Most people are conscious about the impact fast fashion has on the environment, and therefore, we are taking active steps to reduce our impact. By eliminating unnecessary packaging, green transports, sloping discounts, as well as free delivery and returns, we want to encourage you to make a more mindful decision when shopping -- both online and offline. An alternative path has been found to build a conscious and sustainable brand within the smart luxury segment.” - Isolina Fedel