Scallop Pocket

Black Scallop


Bounir signature vegan saffiano pocket, Scallop, for your phone. As you might know, wear and tear is higher on exposed areas, such as corners and edges. Treat the case with care to maintain the fine structure.

Scallop was inspired by Isolina's childhood memories of visiting her grandparents in the northeast part of Italy, close to Venice. During her early years, they used to take trips to the local beach where they would walk along the shore for hours, collecting scallops. As a kid, she was fascinated by their shape and often collected the shells and placed them in a line -- just like the shape found at the top of the Scallop pocket.

Size details:
6.5 cm wide
7.8 cm high

Handcrafted and made out of vegan leather

You will fit regular sized (85.60 × 53.98 mm) payment and ID cards.
The cards will show a bit as on the pictures.
We won't recommend you to put more than two to three cards together if you want to maintain the shape.


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